Wilson Medical Centre

Patient Information

Medical Emergencies

In the case of an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Our office is not equipped to handle major health emergencies.

Certain emergencies (chest pain, stroke, collapse, problems breathing, severe allergic reactions, major lacerations, bad burns, etc.) will be redirected by our staff to the closest hospital emergency department.

Walk-In Clinics

We advise that you do NOT go to walk in clinics.

Please always call us first before visiting other walk-in clinics or urgent care clinics.

If you are unavailable to come into the office, please visit either,

HHS Urgent Care Centre at 690 Main St W.
St. Joe’s Urgent Care Centre at 2757 King St E.

By visiting these sites instead of a walk in clinic, we will receive a copy of the visit as well as any medications prescribed to keep in your medical file.


Appointments can be booked in person or over the phone.

Please be prepared to let the receptionist know the reason that you wish to see the doctor as this will help us prepare for your visit and provide adequate time for you. In particular, if you are requesting a Pap test or Vaccinations then please tell the receptionist as these services require a different booking period.

If you are unable to make your doctors appointment please give the staff 24 hours cancellation notice to avoid paying the $20 no show fee.

No Show Fees

Missed Doctor Appointment  – $20 no show fee

Missed Ultrasound / Bone Density  – $40 no show fee

Urgent Care Appointments

The urgent care clinic is available as same day appointments to patients registered with one of our clinic’s physicians.
The purpose for the urgent care clinics is to provide assistance for emergencies and urgent care.

There may be times due to physician illness or being called to the hospital that the urgent care clinic may be cancelled or delayed on that day.
Please call the office for any updates.

Uninsured Services, Notes & Forms

OHIP does not pay for some services, including notes and most form completion.

Therefore, it is the patient’s responsibility to pay in advance for any service, note, or form that needs to be filled out by the doctor.

Please inform the office of any forms needing to be filled out prior to seeing the doctor.

If in doubt, please ask our staff what OHIP covers and what it does not.

Transfer Requests

Patients are expected to talk to their doctor directly about any concerns they have. It should be noted however patients will not be allowed to transfer from one doctor to another doctor within our clinic unless there are extenuating circumstances. This is a unanimous agreement between all doctors at the Wilson Medical Centre.


If a referral to a specialist is being made for you by our office, either our office or the specialist’s office will contact you with an appointment time.

Due to wait lists at the specialist office, you may not be contacted right away. We do not have any control on when your appointment is booked. If you have not heard back from us or the specialist office within a month, please call us.

Contact Information

Please ensure that your file is kept up to date with the best phone numbers, email and home addresses, and emergency contact information.

Please inform the receptionist of any changes to your personal information upon arrival at the clinic or call after any of the above has changed.

Prescription Repeats

If you require a repeat of your medication, please call your pharmacy and ask them to fax a prescription renewal to our office.

For Prescription requests received by fax please expect at least 7 business days to review and process your prescription.
Prescription requests received on a Friday may not be processed until the following week.

Do not wait until you are completely out of medication before requesting a refill.