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An x-ray is invisible radiation which passes through the body and produces images of the structures inside your body, particularly your bones.  X-ray technology is used to examine many parts of the body including your bones, lungs, and abdomen.

How is the x-ray performed and what is the radiation exposure ?

A Medical Radiation Technologist positions your body to obtain the necessary views. You cannot feel the x-rays passing through you. Sponges may be used to help you hold the proper position. To decrease the possibility of a blurry image, you will be asked to remain still or hold your breath.  The amount of radiation dose you receive during an x-ray is small and the risk of any damage to cells in your body is low.

How long will my examination last?

The x-ray exam may take only a few minutes or more than an hour with a more involved procedure.  Repeat views may be necessary in order to obtain better quality images.

How do I receive my x-ray results?

The pictures are reported by our in house Radiologist, and the results are forwarded to your doctor.  You can book an appointment with your physician to receive your results.

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