Wilson Medical Centre



Family Practice Rostered Patients

To book an appointment, please click here

  • You will need your Health card to book your appointment
  • Patients who do not have a health card will need to call the office to book an appointment
  • If you are booking a TB test, please ensure that you book on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as you will need to return to the clinic after 48 hours to have your TB test read.
  • If you are booking your children’s immunization, please ensure that you are booking their appointment at least a day after they are due.


New Patients

  • Please call our office to book your first appointment


Immigration Medical Appointments

To book an appointment, pleaseĀ click here

  • If you have received a Medical Report Form from Immigration Canada with an IME number, please bring this form to your appointment
  • If you have Refugee Status, please bring your Refugee Status Document to your appointment
  • If you are under the CUAET Program, please call (905-526-6250) to book an appointment
  • Please book one person per appointment