Wilson Medical Centre



Please Note:  Everyone who enters our building must wear a mask.


Family Practice Rostered Patients

To book an appointment, please click here

  • You will need your Health card to book your appointment (Please also add your HealthCard Version Code under “Reason for Appointment”)
  • Patients who do not have a health card will need to call the office to book an appointment
  • If you are booking a TB test, please ensure that you book on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as you will need to return to the clinic after 48 hours to have your TB test read.
  • If you are booking your children’s immunization, please ensure that you are booking their appointment at least a day after they are due.
  • If you would like to send a secure, private message, picture or form to your physician, please click Contact Us, fill in the information and your message will be forwarded to your physician.
  • If you are looking for a prescription repeat, please ask your pharmacy to fax us a prescription renewal at 905-526-9745
  • Please call the office to book an annual physical.  These appointments require more time, so they need to be booked by the receptionist.


New Patients

  • Please call our office to book your first appointment


Urgent Care Appointments (for reasons indicated below)

To book an appointment, please click here

  • Significant new or worsening pain (including pain caused by recent injury)
  • New onset or change in symptoms of infection including fever, rashes, gastrointestinal changes, urinary changes, respiratory changes
  • Exacerbation in chronic conditions (for example back pain, heart disease, lung disease or abdominal or gynecological disease)
  • Concerns regarding pregnancy and newborns and infants
  • Decompression in mental health or substance use
  • For any issues above, after you have selected your Clinician, select “Appointments with any physician” , “Any Available Physician”


Immigration Medical Appointments

To book an appointment, please click here   (Please see note below before booking)

  • If you are booking a CUAET (Ukrainian) medical, please book your medical
    • Monday – all day
    • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 8:30am-11am ONLY
    • Friday – all day
    • If you book outside of these times, you will have to rebook your appointment.
  • If you have received a Medical Report Form from Immigration Canada with an IME number, please bring this form to your appointment
  • If you have Refugee Status, please bring your Refugee Status Document to your appointment
  • Please book one person per appointment


**Please note**

“If you are in Canada and you have already completed an IME as part of a previous application, you may be exempt from completing another one if you meet certain conditions. Refer to IRCC for more information: Medical exams – Immigration – Canada.ca