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Diagnostic Imaging

Our full service radiology department includes x-ray, ultrasound and bone density testing. X-Ray testing can be done as required and without an appointment Ultrasound & Bone Mineral Density testing require an appointment (wait times for these appointments are usually within 1 week).


Bone Mineral Density

A bone mineral densitometry study or BMD, is used to detect a disease called osteoporosis and to assess fracture risk. 



An ultrasound is an examination which uses high-frequency sound waves to create images. 


X Ray

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Diagnostic Imaging

Uninsured Services

Valid Health Card

All radiology services are insured health care services for patients with a valid health card. No charge.

No Valid Health Card

If you do not have a valid health card, you will be informed of the cost of the test, and must pay prior to the start of the examination. WMC accepts cash, debit, or credit. If you do not have your health card, it is expired, or invalid, you must pay for your tests. You will be reimbursed in full when you present your valid health card for that service date.

• 1-2 views – $50
• 3+ view – $100

• $100 per investigation

Bone Density

• 1 site – $150
• 2 sites – $200

Please Note

If you were charged for an insured service because of an issue with your health card (for example, because your health card had expired or you did not have it with you at the time of your visit to the doctor, please contact the health care provider for reimbursement once you can present your current valid health card. The health care provider must reimburse you in full for the cost of the service when you have provided proof of your OHIP eligibility for the service date.

  • If you have trouble getting reimbursed by the health care provider once you have presented valid OHIP coverage, please contact the ministry’s Service Support Contact Centre by e-mail at sscontactcentre.moh@ontario.ca or by phone at 1-800-262-6524.

If you have not been asked to pay any fee for insured services and are instead inquiring about whether or not a particular service is covered by OHIP, please contact the ministry’s Provider Services Brand by e-mail at providerservicesbranch@ontario.ca.

Not all charges by health care providers are in violation of the CFMA. If you were charged and/or paid for a service that is not covered by OHIP, please note that there are no provisions under Ontario legislation that permit OHIP to pay for uninsured services. If you are unclear about whether the service is insured under OHIP, you may still request a review by the CFMA Program but please be advised that OHIP can not reimburse you the amount you paid for a service if it is not covered by OHIP.

If you believe that you may have been charged for an insured service or for access to an insured service, please contact the ministry by e-mail at protectpublichealthcare@ontario.ca or by phone (toll free) at 1-888-662-6613.

Patient Complaint Process

  • All written or verbal complaints made to WMC concerning the care of a patient(s) or the operation of the centre are dealt with as prescribed in the Regulation.
  • Complaints will be investigated, resolved (where possible) and a response provided to the patient within 10 business days of the receipt of the complaint or an investigation is commenced immediately, if the complaint alleges harm or risk of harm to a patient(s).
  • If WMC anticipates that the complaint cannot be investigated and resolved within 10 business days, WMC shall provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint within 5 business days, including when the complainant can reasonably expect a resolution.
  • WMC will maintain a comprehensive record of each complaint and maintain the individual record for each complaint for at least 3 years following the end of the complaints process
  • All records will be reviewed and analyzed for trends at least quarterly, with consideration given to the key principles set out in the Patient, Family and Caregiver Declaration of Values
  • A written record will be kept of each review and any improvements made.
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